Breaking Point

May 30, 2017, Cebu City, Philippines

I am sitting on the tons of news from Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines. But, can not report on it: with much knowledge comes responsibility. News on evens and locations is intelligence. I don’t want this intelligence to fall into wrong hands. I can only say, most of Marawi residents are refugees now. PNP working overtime to screen all refugees for Mauti and other terrorists. The situation still very fluid, one thing is certain: there is no doubt that ISIS associated terrorists are vicious killers, for whom cutting heads off is not a joking matter.

That brings me to the latest news: CNN used to be a competent and authoritative source for news. That is no longer a case. I don’t know how CNN management can explain the picture widely circulating on internet, where CNN associated personality Kathy Griffin holds a prop that looks like the bloodied head of Donald Trump cut off from the rest of the body. The normal human reaction: what where they thinking? That was not an accident, that was not a misstep. That required planning, premeditation, taking effort to make. It leads a reasonable person to believe, that liberal hollywood and democratic elite thinking really left reasonable and decent realm, and became a tortured, distorted, and indecent. Maybe it is just a glimpse into the indecent world of the elites where pedophilia and human sacrifice is a norm?

Macron Meets Putin in Rundown Versailles

May 29, Cebu City, Philippines

On May 29, 2017, newly minted boy president of France Macron have came down the stairs all the way to greet the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Having been like Justin from Canada a drama student, he pulled some of the best drama tricks to “dominate” the handshake: kept the elbow bent to appear more in charge, then during handshake he grabbed Putins elbow with his left hand, Putin reciprocated with his left and handshake was over.

Regardless of antics, the Versailles definitely have seen its better days. In need of restoration, French should at least have contracted steam powerwash company to clean up the black stains on the walls that served the background. Instead of “splendour”, Versailles shows its age and looks more like a former centre of power. This underlined by the exhibition dedicated to 1717 visit of Paris by Peter the Great.

I am looking forward seeing the press conference after the talks. Hopefully it will give some hints on the results of talks.

Russia Making Comeback Into Commercial Aviation

May 28, Cebu, Philippines.

On May 28, 20017 MC-21-300 made its first flight. Designed and manufactured in Russia, consisting 95% of Russian parts, this is a big mile stone in Russian aviation. The jet plane, powered by Pratt&Witney engines, Russian made PD-14 turbines planned to be certified along with the plane in 2018, has modern avionics, fully composite wing. It will, most likely push out, Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 out of Russian market Full video


Andrew Scheer, The New Leader of Canadian Conservatives.

May 28, 2017, from Cebu Philippines.

This weekend good news just keep on coming. Let me start with the biggest Canadian news: former Speaker of the Parliament Andrew Scheer have been elected the Leader of Conservative Party, and will lead Conservative Party caucus in Canadian Parliament.

Andrew Scheer is the best choice out of all candidates on the long list. The long leadership race that TV personality Kevin making dramatic entrance, and even more dramatic quitting. Very few, safe for yours truly, have considered Scheer to win. Now that he won, I see a lot of ups for Canadian Conservative Party. First, at 38, Scheer is younger than Justin Trudeau, he is way more experienced in government and parliament than Justin Trudeau. Second, with good stylist, fresher boyish look, he will make Justin Trudeau look like an old foot he is. Third, Andrew Scheer has great smile that goes well with his boyish look. Couple this with parliamentary experience, this will make Liberals livid and commit unforced errors of judgement. Lastly, the younger, and more boyish look will neutralise image of young, therefore let give him some slack Justin in public eyes. This will bring the debate from shampoo, to real public screw ups of current Liberal Government. Lastly, Andrew Scheer is a father of 5 kids. He is Catholic, it definitely will present very interesting comparisons between Andrew and Justin, but more between their wifes. I am sure that Jill Scheer is much palatable to Canadians than Sofie. I am glad Conservatives have chosen younger and more experienced.

The Father of Modern Islamic Terrorism Died at 89



On Friday night, May 26, 2017, the world finally rid itself of most potent Illuminati, CFR most prolific Foreign Policy “Thinker” and the father of one MSNBC TV hosts. His name is notorious Zbigniev Brzezinsky. Born into family of Polish Illuminati, his father was a member of Polish diplomatic core. He was educated in Canada before entering Harvard. In US this Pole became influencer in razing up current neo-conservative foreign policy elite.

How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen

3 Cautionary Tales On: What is Your Business?

3 Cautionary tales about business and money

1. Once upon the time, the mouse noticed that the owner of the farm has set up a mousetrap. She told about this to a chicken, a sheep and a cow. But they answered: “The Mousetrap – it’s your problem, it has nothing to do with us!”

Just a while later, the trap caught a snake – and bit the farmer’s wife. Trying to cure the wife, the farmer cooked the chicken soup. Then he slaughtered a sheep to feed everyone who came to visit the sick. Finally, he killed the cow, to feed the guests at the funeral.

All this time, the mouse watched the scene through the hole in the wall and thought about the things that no ones business!

Moral of the story: If you have something that does not effect you directly – do not think that it will not effect you.

2. An eagle was sitting on a tree branch resting, doing nothing.
A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked:
– “Can I sit like you and do nothing?”
– “Sure, why not” – replied the eagle.
Rabbit sat down under a tree and relaxed. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Moral of the story: To just sit and do nothing, you must be sitting very, very high.

3. On a farm the horse became ill.

– If in the morning, the horse would not stand up, I will put it to sleep.
The horse did not get up in the morning. Nearby laying ram told the horse:
– We have to get up, or you will die!
The horse stood up.
– It’s a miracle! We have to celebrate! For this occasion, lets harvest a sheep!

Moral of the story: mind your own business (but do not forget about the history of a mousetrap).

fb Tells Me To Get New Friends

Today, as usual scrolled the Facebook feed, and very soon the message in picture appeared. Well, it would be nice to have new friends, but I already have one friend: