Be Secured In An Unsecured World

Survival in this world depends on how prepared you are to cope with it.  Since the world we live in is dynamic, changes are expected.  The reality of this truth is, “We cannot expect the world to wait for us”. Either we cope with its ever changing system or be left behind to suffer.

Yes, we live in an ever changing world.  With these changes come the hazards of everyday life.

These hazards are the ones that make this world unsecured to live in.  A hazard is anything that poses a threat or danger to a person, property, environment, society and economy.  We face them every day. When we lie down to sleep or wake up, whether we are inside or outside our house, when we drive to places, everywhere, we are at risk. With these dangers that confront and surround us, can one still live in security?  Yes, we can.  Armed with correct knowledge and realistic view of this world, we cannot survive only but also live secured and peaceful.

What are these hazards we are facing? They could be categorized into two: natural or man-made.

A natural hazard can be defined as a natural event that is potentially disastrous or damaging that can result to loss of life or injury, damage or loss of property, destruction or degradation of environment. These hazards are unavoidable.  There are three that fall into this category:

  1. Climate-related hazards – People moving to places with different climate should know the climate of the place they are moving into. This can better equip them with how to cope up with it.
  2. Weather-related hazard, such as, storms, droughts and long periods of rainfall. It always pays to read or listen to the news.  Be updated on things that happen around you.
  3. Geophysical hazard, such as, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Know the emergency procedures when these things happen.  Master or at least have a mental note of the lay-out of your workplace, your home, school or the hotel you are staying in.  Mark the emergency exits.


The other category is the man-made hazards.  Being man-made, they can be avoided or controlled and minimized.  You can help to deter it in your own small ways. These hazards include the following:

  1. Deforestation – Major devastation of forestlands due to logging, farming or mining. These results to flooding, soil erosion (which results to siltation of the coral beds) and landslides.
  2. Pollution This is the major hazard that affects our health.
  3. Transportation – As the automobile industry advances, the number of vehicular accidents also increased. Not to include railroad, aircraft and maritime accidents.
  4. Crime and terrorism – Although the government is doing all it can to deter this type of hazard, one cannot just sit and watch. You have to personally employ measures to protect yourself, your family and your property.  Safety begins at home.


Knowing all these can make you better equipped to face life’s hazards and respond correctly when disaster calls.  It is your big step towards living a life that is both productive and fulfilled, thus, securing your future in an unsecured world.

Sunblock – Protection for Summer Sunburn

It is summer time once again (or at least in the country where I am at now) and time for more protection for your skin. The sun has ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin and the initial damage that it does is sunburn. Sunburns are fist degree burns that happen to your skin due to extensive exposure to the sun. The possible long term effect however is premature skin aging and increased possibility of getting skin cancer.

To protect your skin from the summer sun you will have to use sunscreens or sun blocks. Sunscreens shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays by absorbing them. If you look at sun blocks closer, you can see three letters, SPF. This stands for sun protection factor; in general, the higher the SPF the more protection for your skin. It is therefore necessary to wear adequate protection every time you go out and not just during the summer months to protect your skin.

Some experts however think that a high SPF in sunscreens is not really a guarantee of total skin protection. Most skin specialists frown on the SPF rating for sun blocks saying that these were developed years ago and it needs revision to improve skin protection from the increasing ultraviolet rays of the sun. This motion is also seconded by many health professionals since harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun has been linked to cause skin cancer.

If you would like to purchase sun block to protect you and your family this summer then opt for the sun block with the highest SPF rating. Most experts agree that an SPF of 30+ is the best protection that you can get. It is also recommended that you take added precautions for a day out in the sun this summer apart from wearing adequate SPF sun blocks.

Along with using a sun block with SPF 30+, wear a wide brimmed hat to hide your face as you take a stroll at the beach or at the park. Keep kids covered as well with a hat or a cap. Wear long sleeved shirts as you go out but if you are going out for a swim, do not swim longer than necessary. Combined with the salty water and air, you will definitely suffer from sunburns and heat stroke. Use an umbrella for short errands out in the sun; wear light and thin clothing so you can feel cooler.

There are lots of good products that are available in the market today, both offline and online. Some SPF products are likewise added in shampoos, mostly combined with keratin. It is wise to get solid information about this or read some detailed review on Keranique shampoo by Andrea.

Aside from the terrible effects of the sun you can be vulnerable to heat stroke when you are out of the summer sun. Drink more fluids; drink more than the recommended 8 glasses daily to keep you refreshed and healthy. Advice your kids to just play indoors instead or play when the day is a lot cooler. Heat stroke can affect children and the elderly more so make them comfortable and cool this summer.

So remember these precautions as you enjoy the summer time. Always leave the bottle of sunscreen near the doorway along with umbrellas and hats so no one would forget to wear them before going out. Keep you and your family safe from sunburn and all the effects of the summer sun.

And lastly, have a blast in your summer… (even if most of my friends now are experiencing Autumn air)