Lawfulness, Legality, and Justice

Slavery was legal.
Colonialism was legitimate.
Apartheid was legal.
The Holocaust was legitimate.
Stalin’s repressions were lawful.

Legality – is a Sign of Power, not a Sign of Justice.

Is Trump Returning American Foreign Policy to Obama/Bush vomit?

April 6, 2017

Yesterday, Trump during at the start of a joint news conference with Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein at the White House condemned the alleged chemical attack in Syria that allegedly left 72 people dead as an “affront to humanity” that “cannot be tolerated.”

Also yesterday a former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, has said that those calling for intervention in Syria are likes “dogs returning to their own vomit”. He expressed this view in the interview to “Sky News Tonight”.

New Chemical Attack in Syria – Who is at fault?

The reports in Western media widely circulate that Syrian government air force used chemical weapons on civilian population.

On another side Russian Federation Defense Ministry issued a statement: Syrian aircraft attacked  terrorists warehouse, which produces chemical weapons  for use by ISIS in Iraq. The warehouse was a manufacturing facility used by terrorists to manufacture chemical ammunition with chemical agents stored in warehouse.

Near the village of Khan Shaykhun, Syrian aircraft destroyed  large warehouse on the territory of which terrorists housed a workshop for the production of ammunition and bombs, stuffed with toxic substances. The target also had a large concentration of terrorist fighters and military weaponry. As reported by the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, adding that the air strike the Syrian air force was conducted  on April 4, 11.30 to 12.30 local time.

“This is the largest arsenal of chemical weapons, from it, munitions militants delivered chemical weapons  into Iraq. Use of chemical weapons by terrorists have been repeatedly proven by both international organizations and Syrian officials “, – said in a statement.

It is reported that militants used these weapons last fall in poison attacks on Syrian Aleppo , their use were documented by Russian military experts. Symptoms of poisoning suffered in Khan Shaykhun are the same as the victims in Aleppo.

Media: ISIS Terrorists called Trump “idiot”
The so called ISIS terrorist group have issued a first public statement on a new US president. So called “Islamic State”  issued a first, since the inauguration of the US president Donald Trump, statement on Tuesday.

It states that the United States has sunk to a new low, the country now “run by the idiot” who does not know “what Syria or Iraq, or Islam,” reports Reuters.

From the first day of his election campaign, Donald Trump said that one of his main goals as president of the United States – the complete destruction of the “Islamic state.”

America leads an international coalition that tries to dislodge terrorists from Iraq’s Mosul and the Syrian Raqqa.
Russian Prime Minister Medvedev signed a decree on the payment of one million rubles to the families of victims killed in the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg
Persons who received grave injuries or medium severity injuries, will receive 400 thousand rubles each

The decree signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev allocates, according to the authorities of St. Petersburg, up to 50 million rubles for payments to victims’ families and the victims of the terrorist attack on the subway.

As reported on the website of Prime Ministers Office, the victims’ families will receive one million rubles. Persons who suffered grave injuries, or medium severity injuries, will receive 400 thousand rubles each. Those who received a light injury, will receive 200 thousand rubles. There are also money for the funerals of killed in the blast.


Terrorist Act in St. Perersburg Metro

On, Monday, April 3, 2017 roughly at 14:00 local time. On the Blue line of metro between the stations Technologicheskii Institute and Sennaya Ploschad’. Immediately explosion took lives of 10 people and over 50 injured. As of April 4, according to Russian Federation Healthcare Minister, 4 more people succumbed to the injuries. This is a horrible and tragic event. TempeOp extending the condolences to the families and friends of the killed, and wounded.

Why TempeOp?

TempeOp stands for Tempe Opinion. Tempe is the name of the valley in Greece located between the  Mount Olympus to the north and Mount Ossa to the south.  Vale of Tempe is rather deep and fairly narrow canyon between the two mountains. On the bottom of it a river Peneus rushes from plains of Thessaly to the Aegean Sea. Ancient Greek philosopher and politician Dio Cocceianus of Prusa one of the first representatives of the Second Sophistic movement wrote now lost Ekphrasis of Tempe. This composition was used in teaching young Greeks, and then young Romans the discipline of Progymnasmata.

This is really the root of the idea for TempeOp. TempeOp will follow progymnasmata in our approach to the topics covered, the discussions to promote. It will start with story telling and end up in making arguments. There are no subjects that off the table. For the ease of categorization and to clarify ideas, TempeOp will use following tags:


There are three forms of fable: the rational form in it all characters are human, the ethical form in it various animals are protagonists, and a third form involving both. Most likely the rational, form will be used, and moral will be stated after it has concluded.


In our case it is a report of connected events. Most of the time we will be dealing with the real events.  The four values of narrative, which is perspicuity, incisiveness, persuasiveness, and purity of language.The content of the narrative exercise in the progymnasmata is either political, historical, or based on fiction. Just as diegesis indicates the narrative plot of a film, the so-called narrative of a speech or oration moves the content forth.

Anecdote (Chreia)

Here what commenting takes place. In comments readers asked to take an action or saying of a famous person and elaborate on it. Don’t be surprised if you asked to develop the meanings of these actions or quotes with the framing under the headings of praise, paraphrase, cause, example of meaning, compare and contrast, testimonies, and an epilogue.


Maxim, or in other words: proverbs;  were first described by Aristotle, and later were divided into, protheptic, apotreptic, declarative, simple, and compound.


Logical reasoning against something drawn from myths, narratives, or fables. The argument need to prove that something is either impossible, illogical, unsuitable, and inexpedient.


The confirmation is the opposite of refutation. One need to reason in favor of something drawn from legends, news reports, and literature.


Working out the commonplace involves attacking vice by envisioning criticism of stereotypes rather than individuals. You do this by using contradiction, comparison, and maxim attacking the motivation of the demographic described.


Use encomium to praise persons, things, times, places, animals, and growing things. Each praise could be engendered from the headings upbringing, deeds, skills, and sometimes was in the form of a comparison with another person, an epilogue, or a prayer.


Opposes commonplace. It attacks a specific, named individual, usually a political or cultural figure.


Acts as a double encomium or a combination of an encomium of one person or thing and the invective against another.


Use Personification or Ethopoeia by forming a writings ascribed to the ghost of a known person or of an imaginary or mythological character from past, present, or future times.


When asked to use ekphrasis to describe a person, place, thing, or time, students were obliged to produce a description that was complete. Included was detailed information about a person from head-to-toe, an action from start to finish, etc. This form is seen in many classical literature and historical writings.


A piece that unites it all. Once all 12 points are covered, they will be wrapped up in the Thesis.

Descriptions of Tags cutesy of Wikipedia.

Surviving The Wild

Outdoor life is a great way to relieve you of stress from your everyday city life. With all the hectic schedules, pollution and demands of this highly competitive world are stresses that, without you knowing it, are slowly making yourself inefficient and unproductive.

Living in the wilds is beneficial to an individual. You got to experience nature and everything it can offer you: fresh air, clean water and awesome sceneries. But all these can only be fully enjoyed if you know how to survive the wilderness. Here in TempeOp, we’ll give you some ideas and tips about this topic.

Wilderness survival means two things:

  1. Living in the wilds with ease and comfort as if it is your home.
  2. Staying alive, if lost or stranded, until help arrives and rescued.


Whichever of these you may need, wilderness survival is basically dependent on the following abilities:

The ability to face fear

Fear is the number one enemy of survival. The sooner you take charge of your emotion, the greater chance of survival you have. Fear comes from the unknown. It is therefore very important that you equip yourself with knowledge necessary for outdoor living. Fear left unchecked yields to panic, which in turn, could be very disastrous.

The ability to seek or make shelter

Shelter will shield you from the elements. Making one is important to survival and enjoying the wilderness. One must have the basic knowledge of pitching a tent the right way or procuring the right materials for shelter if tents are unavailable.

The ability to make fire

Fire means heat, a necessary element in fighting hypothermia. It also gives protection from wild animals. It is also necessary in food preparation for the much needed nourishment of the body. It is also needed for light in dark nights especially when all other sources of light are not available.

The ability to read maps

Map-reading is definitely a necessary skill for wilderness survival. Add to this also the knowledge on how to use a compass. Getting direction using a map and a compass could save your life and also of others. You may also want to know how to use the stars in finding your way in the wilderness. Star charts are also available in any survival stores. So, before you leave for a wilderness trip, you must equip yourself with the much needed maps, charts and a reliable compass.

The ability to employ first-aid

Accidents must be expected if you are outdoors. Having a first-aid kit is just a step towards survival. Using it properly is another thing. Every backpack must be well-equipped with a kit. Having only one first-aid kit in one team is very disastrous. Make sure that every member carries a kit in his pack and he must be able to use it properly.

The ability to improvise

Creativity and resourcefulness will surely increase your survival percentage. Not all necessary items for survival are easily available but if one is creative and resourceful enough, acquiring these items is possible. All you need is presence of mind and positive thinking, survival in the wilderness is very possible.

Want to stay safe while camping?

Camping is not only for adults; it’s for children of all ages as well. Nothing makes your kids very excited than hearing you say about camping. It’s a time where all the members of the family get together and hang out, away from the hustle-bustle of the city streets. No assignments and no works to worry about; just spending all the time with great outdoor activities in which everybody will surely enjoy. However, indulging yourself in a certain activity like this is not really safe.

Whether as a family routine or a school extracurricular activity, camping can be as dangerous as any kind of activity you are going to engage with. Sure, they can be fun and challenging. But bear in mind that camping are held in places like forest, woods or some distant places you are not familiar with. Hence, safety must be first considered so as to assure you can fully have a great time all through the activities.

There are some things you need to mull over in order to stay your family safe while camping:

Plan ahead

A parent should set a fixed date for the said camping trip. This will give everyone a heads up on what to do and what to pack. You can make a list of things to bring along beforehand. Know also if there are any upcoming natural disasters, such as heavy rain, which will eventually defeat the purpose of a camp trip.

Pack what you need

When the big day comes, remember to pack everything you ever need. This includes first aid or survival kit, emergency supplies, and tools. You never know when is the time you needed an insect repellant or a pocket knife, so it is better to be prepared on everything.

Arriving early

Make a target to arrive early on the campsite, or at least while the sun is still up, in order to check and clear the place before putting up a tent or parking your camper van. Familiarize the surrounding place or learn the terrain before it goes dark. Set a rule to everyone that they should not go wandering around without an escort, especially the kids. Remember, the campsite is not your place and there, deep within the forest, live hundreds of unpredictable and territorial wild animals.

Get a good food storage

If you don’t have sturdy and locked food storage, then better hang it to a tree rather than keeping them inside your tent. Snakes and some other harmful animals might be your next neighborhood the moment you wake up and realized they’ve eaten up all of your supplies. Also, your first aid or survival kit must be in an accessible place, where you can easily locate them if you needed it.

Safety against fire is also important

Do not just build bonfire any place you want to. Of course, one should make sure that the fire is set away from the tent so as to avoid any ignition over some devices. Clear up the area first before putting up stones for the bonfire. Lastly, when leaving the fire place, never forget to pour enough water not only to kill the fire, but also the coals and other remaining woods.

Attending, or going to a camping trip, may sound as easy and enjoyable. But never forget to put safety concern atop of your priority list. After all, where’s the fun if someone else’s life is at risk.