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Let’s get plain and simple…

SEO is NOT a cookie-cutter; it should be custom-tailored.

Ranking a site on certain local keywords, converting that traffic to a paying customer, and planning for an effective SEO strategy to grow the business in their niche industry – it’s a challenging job and it takes time to make it work; however, it isn’t rocket science either.

We don’t just make promises and break them. Most of the agencies out there promise to move heaven and earth for you, but then drifted and went slack with communication once you get settled in. They give you nonsense reports that you don’t even know why it’s there and if they are really making progress for your business.

In the end, you are concern about growing your business. Our job is to make sure you’re the top in your industry.

You hire the best SEO company that fits your preference and your business.

We know this is quite overwhelming, so if you don’t have anyone who provides personal care OR if you currently hire an agency and you don’t think they aren’t bringing worth and value to the money you pay them, then hop on to a whole new level, refreshing experience with our local SEO services.

Getting Found Within and Beyond The City: Why Local SEO Is Important

If you don’t know what is Local SEO, it’s a Search Engine Optimization strategy that will help your business – whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store, or a practicing professional, an online shop that delivers goods within your city, or a skilled tradesman – be more visible in search engines.

Understanding why search engine traffic is important will help you to see why SEO is vital to the survival of your business. Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, want a website that is built for people, not just for higher rankings. This means the search engines direct consumers performing local searches to websites and businesses that offer what the customer is looking for or hoping to gain knowledge of. And it’s not only for those who are searching locally, but even internationally.

The formula could not be any easier:

The more traffic you get, the more your business gets exposed to the right audience, and both of these will lead to more revenue and sales for your business.


Do Local Searches Really Help Drive Traffic to Your Website?


Local searches play the biggest part in getting your business found on search engines. A local search usually provides you with the closest business you are looking for to your location, by finding your location.

How it works is when you search for something locally, the top three results listed beneath the map that comes up are called the Map Pack (otherwise known as Local Pack, Snack Pack, or 3-pack). Essentially, it’s a trifecta of great possibilities for your business. This factor can give your business much-needed traffic and awareness of its existence which results in higher traffic and more sales.

The traffic you receive from local searches is highly substantial for your business, products, or services. Statistics show that over 50% of local search customers will either call, visit your shop, or make an offline purchase of your products.

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How To Improve SEO For Your Business

If you search on what’s the average search optimization cost, you’ll find out there is no definite amount. There are too many digital marketing agencies and freelancers out there who only finished a course or two and claim themselves Experts in this field. While you think you’re getting a great deal by hiring someone that charges $5 an hour, you might actually just be getting a great deal of headaches down the road.

The tools needed to get the job done right and properly are endless, and they are not cheap. The years of experience is no joke. The time and resources spent for R&D as well as split testing due to constant algorithm updates are costly.

So those who can deliver real results and are able to catapult your growth will never do it for unreasonable price.

Of course, there’s a do-it-yourself option – learn the ranking factors from scratch, get all the premium tools you need, do experiments, trial and error.

When you’re a busy entrepreneur, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that! Most of the time you’ll end up confused due to TMI, as every Tom, Dick, and Harry are self-proclaiming SEO gurus now. By the time you finally figure things out, your competitors have already been raking all your customers all the time.

Just so you know, SEO is not cheap...


Your SEO Experts with A Candid and Can-Do Attitude

We have lots of clients who came to us with complete disgust after getting disappointed with their hired agency. When we ask them why…

“They’re incompetent and have no idea about SEO at all”

“They lack communication and explanation on what they’re doing”

“They don’t deliver quantifiable results”

“Expectations are not met”

“They’ve done more harm to my site than good”

“They provide zero value and didn’t get anything in return”

Just because we aren’t featured in Forbes or Fortune 500 or Fast Company DOES NOT mean we cannot do the job well – our plate is always full; we don’t have time to reach out to journalists to interview us.

Just because we charge lower than your average SEO company DOES NOT mean our output quality is inferior – we just have lower overheads and less greedy.

Just because we’re not big in portfolio and case studies DOEST NOT mean we have no experience or capabilities to perform well – we simply protect our clients’ privacy, with or without NDA signed.

The Number One Mistake that Small Business Owners Make

local_seo_grphx-1You may make a few mistakes when being a business owner, but none of them are bigger than this one. Many small business owners will invest a large amount of money on trying to advertise their brands over outdated methods. Everyone is connected in the internet now and are using their smartphones in just about everything. If you’re not taking advantage of this untapped method, you’re missing out a lot of potential.

For these and other reasons, SEO is vital to your local business. Weak SEO will not lead anyone to your business, and if you can’t be seen by traffic, then your competitors will reap the benefits. Your digital marketing strategy will not succeed without the proper SEO laid on right at the beginning.

If you invest in it, your rate of return will increase exponentially.

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Get your FREE Business/SEO consultation and site analysis. Or if you have questions, we have answers. We’ll follow up within 24 hours.

Our Philosophy That Makes Us A Premier Search Engine Marketing:

If you follow the adage “seeing is believing”, Tempeop is here for you. Contact us today!
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Straight From The Source
95% of digital agencies today outsource the tasks. They either hire a white label service or hire SEO Specialists from third-world country and pay them little.
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Experts with Experience
Our team is spearheaded with an SEO Expert who has been in this industry and been ranking websites for 10+ years.
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Ethical Methods
We don’t just SEO your site we literally help you market your site more effectively using many different white hat optimisation tactics.
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Live Report Dashboard
We provide a password-protected report dashboard to provide prompt updates and complete transparency so clients can track what has been done within a week.
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Results Oriented
We are completely focused on results; not just carrying out a menu of tasks. It takes integrity and commitment day in and day out to produce SEO results.
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Turn Visitors into Customers
It is just not enough for an SEO company to drive loads of traffic to your site. ROI is what really counts and we can provide that with conversion strategies that work.

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We are mostly remote, however, our clients are from all over the world. Our scope covers US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

We are also a busy, small company. We thrive on excellent performance and being able to deliver satisfaction to our clients. As such, our marketing services are not just for everyone. We vet proposals and potential clients’ needs and expectations and make sure that we are able to meet them.

So, if you are a business pro interested in working with us, please get in touch and let us know about your business.

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