Andrew Scheer, The New Leader of Canadian Conservatives.

May 28, 2017, from Cebu Philippines.

This weekend good news just keep on coming. Let me start with the biggest Canadian news: former Speaker of the Parliament Andrew Scheer have been elected the Leader of Conservative Party, and will lead Conservative Party caucus in Canadian Parliament.

Andrew Scheer is the best choice out of all candidates on the long list. The long leadership race that TV personality Kevin making dramatic entrance, and even more dramatic quitting. Very few, safe for yours truly, have considered Scheer to win. Now that he won, I see a lot of ups for Canadian Conservative Party. First, at 38, Scheer is younger than Justin Trudeau, he is way more experienced in government and parliament than Justin Trudeau. Second, with good stylist, fresher boyish look, he will make Justin Trudeau look like an old foot he is. Third, Andrew Scheer has great smile that goes well with his boyish look. Couple this with parliamentary experience, this will make Liberals livid and commit unforced errors of judgement. Lastly, the younger, and more boyish look will neutralise image of young, therefore let give him some slack Justin in public eyes. This will bring the debate from shampoo, to real public screw ups of current Liberal Government. Lastly, Andrew Scheer is a father of 5 kids. He is Catholic, it definitely will present very interesting comparisons between Andrew and Justin, but more between their wifes. I am sure that Jill Scheer is much palatable to Canadians than Sofie. I am glad Conservatives have chosen younger and more experienced.

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