Breaking Point

May 30, 2017, Cebu City, Philippines

I am sitting on the tons of news from Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines. But, can not report on it: with much knowledge comes responsibility. News on evens and locations is intelligence. I don’t want this intelligence to fall into wrong hands. I can only say, most of Marawi residents are refugees now. PNP working overtime to screen all refugees for Mauti and other terrorists. The situation still very fluid, one thing is certain: there is no doubt that ISIS associated terrorists are vicious killers, for whom cutting heads off is not a joking matter.

That brings me to the latest news: CNN used to be a competent and authoritative source for news. That is no longer a case. I don’t know how CNN management can explain the picture widely circulating on internet, where CNN associated personality Kathy Griffin holds a prop that looks like the bloodied head of Donald Trump cut off from the rest of the body. The normal human reaction: what where they thinking? That was not an accident, that was not a misstep. That required planning, premeditation, taking effort to make. It leads a reasonable person to believe, that liberal hollywood and democratic elite thinking really left reasonable and decent realm, and became a tortured, distorted, and indecent. Maybe it is just a glimpse into the indecent world of the elites where pedophilia and human sacrifice is a norm?

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