Macron Meets Putin in Rundown Versailles

May 29, Cebu City, Philippines

On May 29, 2017, newly minted boy president of France Macron have came down the stairs all the way to greet the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Having been like Justin from Canada a drama student, he pulled some of the best drama tricks to “dominate” the handshake: kept the elbow bent to appear more in charge, then during handshake he grabbed Putins elbow with his left hand, Putin reciprocated with his left and handshake was over.

Regardless of antics, the Versailles definitely have seen its better days. In need of restoration, French should at least have contracted steam powerwash company to clean up the black stains on the walls that served the background. Instead of “splendour”, Versailles shows its age and looks more like a former centre of power. This underlined by the exhibition dedicated to 1717 visit of Paris by Peter the Great.

I am looking forward seeing the press conference after the talks. Hopefully it will give some hints on the results of talks.

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