The Best Bolt on Kits for Improved Fuel Efficiency and Performance

The after market industry for automotive components is enjoying a boom cycle with many new bolt-on components available to the do it yourself automotive person.

Many of these Bolt-on kits are ideal if your goal is to improve performance and others are excellent at increasing your fuel economy and mileage. Finding the right one for your vehicle is much less complicated today than it was twenty years ago because back and then you only had sales persons word to go on plus personal experience to add to that knowledge.

Now you can read reviews of a specific component on almost any model or make vehicle and you can hear how all others feel about the performance of the same item you are interested in buying. Plus with the Internet you can research every possible option and any combination for your particular vehicle with real life test results that show what you may expect in terms of improvements to performance and mileage.

Next there are options for you to consider since we now have far more resources for price shopping these various components. Reputable dealers will offer money back guarantees so that you will be satisfied with your purchase telling others about the company and perhaps coming back for more items later, to me it is just good business to do it this way.


Deciding how advanced you want your enhancements to be can still be a complicated decision since there are really quite a few options to begin with. You may want to start out simple and inexpensive and only upgrade the air intake components which can bring significant improvements to mileage and performance for a lot less money than some of the more advanced upgrades.

Depending on your budget and skill level the next place to start tuning your ride might be in the exhaust system as this is a major source of potential power especially if you have already improved the air intake system. Basically these two upgrades work in unison to improve the engines ability to breathe, and when it can breathe easier then it can be run more efficiently plus it can make a lot more power.

These performance items can be purchased in stages where you improve the vehicle up by one level of performance per set of add on items. The performance and fuel economy can be changed by installing what is called a “Stage One” computer chip, and then each stage that you add will increase power and or fuel economy. Stage two and three are typical add-on kits for improved performance and the second and third builds off the first and second such that having a stage one kit is good, and stage two is better, and stage three is best.

Performance companies are popping up all over the Internet but we have had a great resource nearby for many years called Turbolts, and they can help you with all of the upgrades that I am talking about here.

One of the more exciting new products is an electric supercharger kit that adds about 5 psi boost to the air intake of your car, which effectively builds an amazing amount of horsepower that was previously untapped. This kit works best with other modifications such as an improved exhaust system plus a chip for adjusting the shift points in your transmission.


Another thing that I find awesome about these newer performance upgrades is that they are extremely simple to install and work with since the instructions are very clear and the connections are usually plug and play. Don’t forget to hang on to your old equipment in case you decide to sell the car and want to put it back to stock. If not then you may be able to recoup some of your costs by selling the stock parts that you removed, bear this in mind so you do not ruin anything taking it off the car.

One area of performance improvement that manufacturers are tinkering with are all of the overhead components that every car engine must have such as the water pump, cooling fan, alternator, steering pump, and more. According to “Aftermarket news”, one such improvement has been in place for a few years now and the company is Delco Remy, a major supplier of electrical generation devices in the automotive industry. They have created a more efficient version of the standard alternator which improves battery charging time while using less power to do the work. When manufacturers get on this particular bandwagon we will all benefit.

Finally some of the best upgrades I have worked with are based on a performance chip used for adjusting the engine controls to squeeze out maximum fuel economy in one mode, and boosted engine output in another. No matter how radical or mild you want your upgrade kit to be there is surely something for almost everyone now. And if you can not find one, I am certain that the experts can cross reference one for you since most cars from a specific manufacturer are using similar engines and transmissions to cut manufacturing costs.

Quick Analysis of US Military in Comparison To Russia.

I am constantly reminded by Americans that American Military budget is 10 times larger than Russian. That looks like very overwhelming advantage. But this pictures changes when you compare more detailed information. Yes, American military budget is 10 times larger than Russian, but Americans have huge overhead to pay. That leaves only 8% left for purchases of new military gear. Compare this to 60% Russians spend on buying new military gear. Suddenly 10 times advantage cuts to 1.2 times, or just 20% advantage.

Lets not stop there: an average cost of a new Russian airplane, or tank is one third compared to American. That means that Russians with one tenth of the budget manufacture and deploy 2.5 times more. This is especially visible in last 3 years. Russian Aerospace forces received more new fighter jets, modernized strategic missile carriers, than all NATO countries taken together. Russia on track to fulfill its plan to have 70% of all military equipment being new and modern by the end of 2018. I don’t know what percentage of US equipment is new, but it is significantly lower. This puts Russia in a huge advantage right now.

Another huge advantage Russia has: the land size. It is huge. This is why, despite all the promises, US have tried to remove Russian forces from Crimea. If the $5 billion Ukrainian plan would have worked, Russian Black Fleet would be taken out already from Sevastopol and US 6th fleet would be already stationed in Crimea. That would make South Western Flank of Russian defenses very open. US would have permanent presence in Black Sea. But the plans went south and we have situation where US trying to make something out of bad situation with deploying 2 AEGIS cruisers. But the bad situations for US took the turn for worth 2.5 years ago, when Russia started operation in Syria. At first Americans just laughed at it. Very late Americans realized that besides demonstrating its military prowess and new military gear, Russians got a navy base, and AeroSpace Base in Eastern Mediterranean. Up to that point, Mediterranean was a playground for the 6th fleet of US NAVY. By the time US have realized, they were left with the fact that they only control Western Mediterranean. Russian littoral fleet operating from there, now can inflict damage to most of western Europe.

Things been going not very smoothly in the Baltic, Kaliningrad region effectively locks most of Baltic sea. The deployment of small forces in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia violates all agreements US and NATO had with Russia, and Americans need to thank God that Russians don’t have the same temperament as Israel, in that case those bases would be already blown up. Like sanctions, position of forces right on the border with Russia is an act of hostility. Instead of Military option, Russia have hit 3 Baltic nations with economic measures. First, but redirection of goods transit from Baltic nations to newly build Russian ports, and pumping natural gas directly to Germany. Now Russia placed Incentives for Belarus to move its transit through Russian ports.

One area where Russia always been most vulnerable is North. Even there it has started building large defense structures coupled with ambitious even for Russians building of nuclear powered icebreaker fleet. In the East, Russians rebuilding Kuril Islands bases, and build the base close to the its border with Alaska. On top of that, there are North Korea and China that US have to worry about.

These Russian capabilities, along with ability to hit All major US cities and inflict a huge panic inducing damage to US, allows Russia to defend itself from any US aggression. The military elite of US knows that, but the facts clouded by the American believe in its exception. So, in Syria, despite loosing badly, US establishment trying to crap all over the place. Unfortunately, real people suffer.

After I have seen some exerts from Putin’s speech, there is a big surprise in it: news of deployment of aviation system “Kinzhal” that translates as Dagger. It has 2000 km range, Mounted on MIG 31, Terminal velocity is Mac 10+. The salvo of 6 missiles can destroy American Aircraft Carrier group.


“Aggregation Of Marginal Gains” Good Idea for New Year Resolution?

My wife have asked me the other night. What is my New Year resolution? I did not have an answer and gave her a half-baked, pie in the sky answer. But the question have stuck in my head. There is an obvious need to set up a goal for a New Year. But, I don’t want to have a typical New Year’s resolution that will fall by the way side by January 10th.  This prompted me to take a look at the Marginal Gains Philosophy by James Clear. Clear uses example of Dave Brailsford who have had success with British Cycling and Team Sky pro cycling team. Brailsford claims to have used concept of “aggregation of marginal gains.” The simple mathematical graph to this 1% gain vs. 1% loss was illustrated by Jeff Olson in The Slight Edge.


In the nutshell the philosophy of the Aggregation of Marginal Gains states: Making small changes in every aspect of your life will pay great dividends in the future. On surface the “aggregation of marginal gains” or making yourself better 1% every day at the time makes a lot of sense. But simple things differ from simplistic because simplicity withstands the trial by the complexity. So, I have started my mini trial of this concept by complexity. First I made two simple graphs of 1% a day improvement every day for one year

and 1% of degradation a day for a year.

As you can see in the graphs, aggregation of the gains over a year is huge. I have separated them into to 2 different graphs because the scales vary by a factor of 33. It is almost 3600% a year for aggregated marginal (1%) gain, compared that 1% decline a day will bring you to a loss of 97%. This makes one to jump on the band wagon of 1% gain and run with it. But I have promised the reader a trial by complexity. Let me introduce the complexity of life curve.

It is a completely random curve. But it illustrates very well the trial by complexity.

Here surprise awaited me.

It is not what I expected to see. In fact the “success” line dips below that of a “looser line” after 48 days all the way to 208.

That is 160 days of under-performing compared to those who “degrade” each day by 1%. There are many points of criticisms toward my method. But it is a clear illustration that “aggregation of marginal gains” fairly contrived proposition. You can leave it here, but then you will miss important conclusions: First, it shows clearly why people easily discouraged when implementing marginal changes gradually. In fact if you start your 1% gain on January 1st, and you live in the northern hemisphere, you are setting yourself up for a seasonal depression in February. Low amount of sunshine, cold weather can be serious challengers to your success. Second arises from the first – don’t use “aggregation of marginal gains” method for New Year’s resolution. If you determined to change all aspects of your like 1% at the time – start in late March – early April, April – May the external influence will be more positive. Lastly, apply your 1% improvements into every aspect of your life until you have reached the point where only your strongest character traits will keep on performing. At that moment, throw all your will power into improving things that continue improving. You can pick up the rest when the negative edge has declined. This way you don’t spend your energy on getting no results, and you stop proverbial digging when already in the whole.

This mini mathematical modeling experiment explains very well the fact: why the “wicked” seem to prosper in immediate time after starting? The aggregation of marginal gains works well in the long run.  If some one claims that aggregate marginal gains is the reason for rapid success, look for other reasons. In case of Dave Brailsford there some strong suspicions of advanced doping program at BC and SKY, but, he is not Russian, I doubt WADA would go after him.

A Tale

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She reduced altitude and spotted a man below.
She descended a bit more and shouted:
“Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago but I don’t know where I am.”
The man below replied:
“You’re in a hot air balloon hovering approximately 30 feet above the ground. You’re between 40 and 41 degrees north latitude and between 59 and 60 degrees west longitude.”
“You must be an engineer,” said the balloonist.
“I am”, replied the man. “How did you know?”
“Well, answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct, but I’ve no idea what to make of your information, and the fact is I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help at all. If anything, you’ve delayed my trip even more.” The man below responded:
“You must be in management.”
“I am,” replied the balloonist, “but how did you know?”
“Well,” said the man, “You don’t know where you are or where you’re going. You have risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise which you’ve no idea how to keep, and you expect people beneath you to solve your problems?!!”

Be Secured In An Unsecured World

Survival in this world depends on how prepared you are to cope with it.  Since the world we live in is dynamic, changes are expected.  The reality of this truth is, “We cannot expect the world to wait for us”. Either we cope with its ever changing system or be left behind to suffer.

Yes, we live in an ever changing world.  With these changes come the hazards of everyday life.

These hazards are the ones that make this world unsecured to live in.  A hazard is anything that poses a threat or danger to a person, property, environment, society and economy.  We face them every day. When we lie down to sleep or wake up, whether we are inside or outside our house, when we drive to places, everywhere, we are at risk. With these dangers that confront and surround us, can one still live in security?  Yes, we can.  Armed with correct knowledge and realistic view of this world, we cannot survive only but also live secured and peaceful.

What are these hazards we are facing? They could be categorized into two: natural or man-made.

A natural hazard can be defined as a natural event that is potentially disastrous or damaging that can result to loss of life or injury, damage or loss of property, destruction or degradation of environment. These hazards are unavoidable.  There are three that fall into this category:

  1. Climate-related hazards – People moving to places with different climate should know the climate of the place they are moving into. This can better equip them with how to cope up with it.
  2. Weather-related hazard, such as, storms, droughts and long periods of rainfall. It always pays to read or listen to the news.  Be updated on things that happen around you.
  3. Geophysical hazard, such as, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Know the emergency procedures when these things happen.  Master or at least have a mental note of the lay-out of your workplace, your home, school or the hotel you are staying in.  Mark the emergency exits.


The other category is the man-made hazards.  Being man-made, they can be avoided or controlled and minimized.  You can help to deter it in your own small ways. These hazards include the following:

  1. Deforestation – Major devastation of forestlands due to logging, farming or mining. These results to flooding, soil erosion (which results to siltation of the coral beds) and landslides.
  2. Pollution This is the major hazard that affects our health.
  3. Transportation – As the automobile industry advances, the number of vehicular accidents also increased. Not to include railroad, aircraft and maritime accidents.
  4. Crime and terrorism – Although the government is doing all it can to deter this type of hazard, one cannot just sit and watch. You have to personally employ measures to protect yourself, your family and your property.  Safety begins at home.


Knowing all these can make you better equipped to face life’s hazards and respond correctly when disaster calls.  It is your big step towards living a life that is both productive and fulfilled, thus, securing your future in an unsecured world.

Sunblock – Protection for Summer Sunburn

It is summer time once again (or at least in the country where I am at now) and time for more protection for your skin. The sun has ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin and the initial damage that it does is sunburn. Sunburns are fist degree burns that happen to your skin due to extensive exposure to the sun. The possible long term effect however is premature skin aging and increased possibility of getting skin cancer.

To protect your skin from the summer sun you will have to use sunscreens or sun blocks. Sunscreens shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays by absorbing them. If you look at sun blocks closer, you can see three letters, SPF. This stands for sun protection factor; in general, the higher the SPF the more protection for your skin. It is therefore necessary to wear adequate protection every time you go out and not just during the summer months to protect your skin.

Some experts however think that a high SPF in sunscreens is not really a guarantee of total skin protection. Most skin specialists frown on the SPF rating for sun blocks saying that these were developed years ago and it needs revision to improve skin protection from the increasing ultraviolet rays of the sun. This motion is also seconded by many health professionals since harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun has been linked to cause skin cancer.

If you would like to purchase sun block to protect you and your family this summer then opt for the sun block with the highest SPF rating. Most experts agree that an SPF of 30+ is the best protection that you can get. It is also recommended that you take added precautions for a day out in the sun this summer apart from wearing adequate SPF sun blocks.

Along with using a sun block with SPF 30+, wear a wide brimmed hat to hide your face as you take a stroll at the beach or at the park. Keep kids covered as well with a hat or a cap. Wear long sleeved shirts as you go out but if you are going out for a swim, do not swim longer than necessary. Combined with the salty water and air, you will definitely suffer from sunburns and heat stroke. Use an umbrella for short errands out in the sun; wear light and thin clothing so you can feel cooler.

There are lots of good products that are available in the market today, both offline and online. Some SPF products are likewise added in shampoos, mostly combined with keratin. It is wise to get solid information about this or read some detailed review on Keranique shampoo by Andrea.

Aside from the terrible effects of the sun you can be vulnerable to heat stroke when you are out of the summer sun. Drink more fluids; drink more than the recommended 8 glasses daily to keep you refreshed and healthy. Advice your kids to just play indoors instead or play when the day is a lot cooler. Heat stroke can affect children and the elderly more so make them comfortable and cool this summer.

So remember these precautions as you enjoy the summer time. Always leave the bottle of sunscreen near the doorway along with umbrellas and hats so no one would forget to wear them before going out. Keep you and your family safe from sunburn and all the effects of the summer sun.

And lastly, have a blast in your summer… (even if most of my friends now are experiencing Autumn air)

3 Cautionary Tales On: What is Your Business?

3 Cautionary tales about business and money

1. Once upon the time, the mouse noticed that the owner of the farm has set up a mousetrap. She told about this to a chicken, a sheep and a cow. But they answered: “The Mousetrap – it’s your problem, it has nothing to do with us!”

Just a while later, the trap caught a snake – and bit the farmer’s wife. Trying to cure the wife, the farmer cooked the chicken soup. Then he slaughtered a sheep to feed everyone who came to visit the sick. Finally, he killed the cow, to feed the guests at the funeral.

All this time, the mouse watched the scene through the hole in the wall and thought about the things that no ones business!

Moral of the story: If you have something that does not effect you directly – do not think that it will not effect you.

2. An eagle was sitting on a tree branch resting, doing nothing.
A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked:
– “Can I sit like you and do nothing?”
– “Sure, why not” – replied the eagle.
Rabbit sat down under a tree and relaxed. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Moral of the story: To just sit and do nothing, you must be sitting very, very high.

3. On a farm the horse became ill.

– If in the morning, the horse would not stand up, I will put it to sleep.
The horse did not get up in the morning. Nearby laying ram told the horse:
– We have to get up, or you will die!
The horse stood up.
– It’s a miracle! We have to celebrate! For this occasion, lets harvest a sheep!

Moral of the story: mind your own business (but do not forget about the history of a mousetrap).

Lawfulness, Legality, and Justice

Slavery was legal.
Colonialism was legitimate.
Apartheid was legal.
The Holocaust was legitimate.
Stalin’s repressions were lawful.

Legality – is a Sign of Power, not a Sign of Justice.

Why TempeOp?

TempeOp stands for Tempe Opinion. Tempe is the name of the valley in Greece located between the  Mount Olympus to the north and Mount Ossa to the south.  Vale of Tempe is rather deep and fairly narrow canyon between the two mountains. On the bottom of it a river Peneus rushes from plains of Thessaly to the Aegean Sea. Ancient Greek philosopher and politician Dio Cocceianus of Prusa one of the first representatives of the Second Sophistic movement wrote now lost Ekphrasis of Tempe. This composition was used in teaching young Greeks, and then young Romans the discipline of Progymnasmata.

This is really the root of the idea for TempeOp. TempeOp will follow progymnasmata in our approach to the topics covered, the discussions to promote. It will start with story telling and end up in making arguments. There are no subjects that off the table. For the ease of categorization and to clarify ideas, TempeOp will use following tags:


There are three forms of fable: the rational form in it all characters are human, the ethical form in it various animals are protagonists, and a third form involving both. Most likely the rational, form will be used, and moral will be stated after it has concluded.


In our case it is a report of connected events. Most of the time we will be dealing with the real events.  The four values of narrative, which is perspicuity, incisiveness, persuasiveness, and purity of language.The content of the narrative exercise in the progymnasmata is either political, historical, or based on fiction. Just as diegesis indicates the narrative plot of a film, the so-called narrative of a speech or oration moves the content forth.

Anecdote (Chreia)

Here what commenting takes place. In comments readers asked to take an action or saying of a famous person and elaborate on it. Don’t be surprised if you asked to develop the meanings of these actions or quotes with the framing under the headings of praise, paraphrase, cause, example of meaning, compare and contrast, testimonies, and an epilogue.


Maxim, or in other words: proverbs;  were first described by Aristotle, and later were divided into, protheptic, apotreptic, declarative, simple, and compound.


Logical reasoning against something drawn from myths, narratives, or fables. The argument need to prove that something is either impossible, illogical, unsuitable, and inexpedient.


The confirmation is the opposite of refutation. One need to reason in favor of something drawn from legends, news reports, and literature.


Working out the commonplace involves attacking vice by envisioning criticism of stereotypes rather than individuals. You do this by using contradiction, comparison, and maxim attacking the motivation of the demographic described.


Use encomium to praise persons, things, times, places, animals, and growing things. Each praise could be engendered from the headings upbringing, deeds, skills, and sometimes was in the form of a comparison with another person, an epilogue, or a prayer.


Opposes commonplace. It attacks a specific, named individual, usually a political or cultural figure.


Acts as a double encomium or a combination of an encomium of one person or thing and the invective against another.


Use Personification or Ethopoeia by forming a writings ascribed to the ghost of a known person or of an imaginary or mythological character from past, present, or future times.


When asked to use ekphrasis to describe a person, place, thing, or time, students were obliged to produce a description that was complete. Included was detailed information about a person from head-to-toe, an action from start to finish, etc. This form is seen in many classical literature and historical writings.


A piece that unites it all. Once all 12 points are covered, they will be wrapped up in the Thesis.

Descriptions of Tags cutesy of Wikipedia.