Chinese Officials Bust Gangs Smuggling $80 Million Dollars Worth of Smartphones From Hong Kong

Chinese officials say they’ve busted a sophisticated crime ring that used a complex system of motorized pulleys, cables, and drones to sneak almost $80 million dollars worth of new Smartphones from the city of Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China. Reports state that this is the first time in the country’s history for a known cross-border operation involving an illegal transfer of goods using drones.

Shenzhen, China, is sometimes known as China’s Silicon Valley. It’s a major technology hub and a center for new business innovations in the high-tech gadget world and home to gangs who profit by stealing from the Chinese Government. Officials have seized 2 drones used in the operation, arrested 26 gang members, and confiscated thousands of Smartphones.

The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong reported that customs officers seized 900 Smartphones and arrested 3 people connected to the operation. The joint sting operation between customs agents and the Chinese Government was started in February, however, the details weren’t made public until last Friday, March 30th. Officials report that the people in custody belong to a network of several sophisticated gangs who used the blanket of darkness to transport massive volumes of undetermined, refurbished iPhones and other electronic devices across the border.

The State Media reported that gang members would use a pair of high-rise condominiums in Shenzhen and attach cables to drones and fly them over a border fence to other gang members waiting on a rooftop village house 660ft away in Hong Kong, China. The cables were outfitted and attached to motorized wheels which officials called the “flying line.” Once the sophisticated system was operational, the gang members smuggled attached bags full of Smartphones to the cable system and simply slid them across the border undetected.

The enormous scale of this alleged operation is mind-blowing and the sophistication of the equipment used is just as impressible. Officials state that each bag contained about 20 electronic devices and they could be zipped across the border in seconds. The gang members worked from 12 pm to about 5 am for 15 days a month and transported 10 to 15 thousand Smartphones on each shift. It’s estimated that the suspects netted about 10 million yuan ($1.6m USD) per month.

The South China Post also reported that the gang members went to great lengths to conceal their illegal activities by installing sound-proofing materials that reduced the noise of the cable system. Investigators received a tip from a citizen that lead investigators to the operation and to all of the buildings being used on both sides of the border. Officials say that the suspected gang members have smuggled over 500 million yuan ($79.5m USD) worth of Smartphones and other expensive electronic gadgets. After the bust was made, officials demonstrated how the high-tech “flying line” worked during a public news conference.

custom officer china

China is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of drones making this a personal matter for the Chinese Government. They’ve been cracking down on civilians using drones and issuing new regulations that require most commercialized drone owners “up to a certain weight” to register their drones using their real names. These new regulations are reported to be “a very important task” for the Chinese authorities. The Government published a series of very strict rules after drones in 2017 were disrupting aircraft flight paths and they took effect following the incidents that drones had disrupted restricted air traffic space in China.

The South China Morning Post also stated that drone-assisted smuggling operations on the Hong Kong/Shenzhen border might appear to be new, however, the use of zip-lines for illegal cloak-and-dagger transport isn’t. In 2011, customs agents busted a smuggling ring that shot fishing line over the border to Shenzhen with a crossbow to gang members in Hong Kong to transport expensive electronics.

Smuggling iPhones out of Hong Kong has influenced gang members to engage in illegal smuggling operations for years and the technique of using drones and sophisticated ziplines is a new approach, however, a man in 2015, tried to illegally smuggle 94 iPhones into the mainland of China by attaching them to his body underneath his clothing. Illegal smuggling operations in China will continue as long as the import taxes continue to rise, causing iPhones to cost more in the mainland than they do in Hong Kong.

Letter to editor in response to Opinion by Aurel Braun: The reality behind Putin’s fire and fury


Letter to editor in response to Opinion by Aurel Braun:
The reality behind Putin’s fire and fury

Aurel Braun is an expert on “communist Soviet Russia”. I Googled Prof
Braun and found rather low mark given to the professor on Rate my
Professors. One Remark: “Prof. Braun spends quite a bit of time re-hashing
the same lecture material.” Written 12 years ago, this remark precisely
illustrates this Opinion piece.

Professor Braun does not tell us anything that we don’t know. In fact,
Professor regurgitates the same old argument that US military budget is
10 times of that of Russia. While conveniently omitting facts that US
spends only 8% of the military budget on deploying new military gear.
Compare this to Russia where this item is at 60%. Never mind that Russian
cost per military equipment unit is 2.5 times lower than US. Top it with
the fact that European weapons manufacturing have been deliberately
destroyed by US MIC. Interesting, I happen to write an article on this
topic on my blog.  Analysis Of US Military Budget vs Russian

For a person who considers Aurel Braun an expert on Russia, there is a
glaring omission in this opinion: this speech happened exactly 17 days
before elections. This speech is Putin’s “report” to people of Russian
Federation on what he has done in his 17 years in charge. This is also
signal to Russian elites, that huge economics changes will happen. 6 years
ago he has tasked Russian bureaucrats and oligarchs to do the work for
improving economy and lives of people in Russia. They have done less than
a quarter of that. Like Putin’s Munich conference speech in 2007, that
foreshadowed very obvious transformation of Russian Army we witness now,
this speech here is foreshadowing economic changes.

Professor Braun writes: “His grand spectacles and international posturing
cannot forever compensate for grave domestic shortcomings and the failure
of Russia to truly join the modern world.” Professor was not listening to
Putin to understand, professor was listening to Putin in order to write
this opinion piece. Putin openly told Western elites: we did everything
you told us to do in order to be considered by you to be equal. But no one
is listening. So, the jig is up. Russia is choosing different path, this
election is a referendum on new economic path for Russia. The specifics
probably already developed in secret. The current Russian elites who made
deals with the West, will be replaced.

Learning From Justin Trudeau Disastrous Trip To India

These days only lazy don’t joke, bash, or looks with fear at what is going on in India with Justin Trudeau. It started on Monday, February 19th, Justin Trudeau arrived to India. He, and his family were met by Junior Minister of Agriculture. That was a caution flag, something is going on there. Instead of proceeding in business like manner and working on getting IndoCanadian relationship back on track Trudeau proceeded to play dress up into expensive designer Indian native clothes. I will admit, the colours and photographs are spectacular, I would love to have such photographs done for my family vacation. But it would be a low key family vacation, not high profile state visit.

Well, to make it easy, I will just give this snap I got from the Twitter:

The Economist New Cover With Putin

The Economist, the magazine controlled by Rothschild family, is famous for its cryptic covers. When the new cover came out yesterday, no one is surprised by the portrait of Russian president, represented as Russian tsar. Interesting that lower case tsar is very intentional. The cover marks the 100 anniversary from Russian Bolshevik revolution.

Obviously the cover puts up the view of the Rothschild having on Russia. The medal with communist insignia held by 1000 ruble’s banknote, medal with Crimea outline held by 5000 rubles banknote, key chain stylized with Trump face. There is a ribbon with Su-57. There is metal plates of the jacket. One thing catch my attention: Eye of Jacob Rothschild medal held by the Russian flag ribbon. What does it signifies?

Oddly, Polish Man Made The President of Microsoft In Russia

June 27, 2017. Cebu, Philippines
Microsoft has announced the new president for its subsidiary in Russia. Current COO of Microsoft in Russia Tomasz Bochenek will become a new President of Microsoft Russia on August 31.  According to Microsoft Russia press release, current President Pavel Betsis will stay in his role till the end of August.
Starting today, Mr. Bochenek will start to develop contacts with Russian business and technology ecosystem. Main objectives for a new president: developing market for cloud technologies and digital services. Russian business is important for Microsoft . Earlier, Russia’s largest bank Sberbank have announced its intention to provide its client with Cloud services that part of Microsoft Office 365. Sberbank has 1.4 million corporate client.
Bochenek, graduate of Warsaw Technological University has MBA from Open University in GB and University Minnesota. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2000, he worked at Hyindai, Compaq, and IBM. Regardless of stellar resume, the choice of Polish national for such high profile job in Russia is puzzling. Russia and Poland have been at odds with each other on many political issues. Russia have been actively working to replace imported goods with home made.

Order To Shoot Terrorists Issued By The Mayor Of Iligan City

June 1,2017 Cebu, Philippines

Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines. The Mayor of Iligan City, Mayor Celso Regencia, have issued order authorising the city citizens, who legally possess firearms, to shoot terrorists trespassing their property. Iligan, being the closest city to Marawi, have housed most of Marawi refugees escaping violence perpetrated by ISIS affiliated group.

In Shoot Terrorist, Defend yourselves order, Mayor Celso Regencia said: “I am issuing this order to residents of Iligan who legally possessed weapons, but please do not commit abuses such as bringing your weapons outside your homes.You can only use it once your life is in danger and the terrorists will enter your homes.”  Reminder Earlier last week, the president of Philippines Duterte have installed Marshal Law on whole Island of Mindanao.


Breaking Point

May 30, 2017, Cebu City, Philippines

I am sitting on the tons of news from Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines. But, can not report on it: with much knowledge comes responsibility. News on evens and locations is intelligence. I don’t want this intelligence to fall into wrong hands. I can only say, most of Marawi residents are refugees now. PNP working overtime to screen all refugees for Mauti and other terrorists. The situation still very fluid, one thing is certain: there is no doubt that ISIS associated terrorists are vicious killers, for whom cutting heads off is not a joking matter.

That brings me to the latest news: CNN used to be a competent and authoritative source for news. That is no longer a case. I don’t know how CNN management can explain the picture widely circulating on internet, where CNN associated personality Kathy Griffin holds a prop that looks like the bloodied head of Donald Trump cut off from the rest of the body. The normal human reaction: what where they thinking? That was not an accident, that was not a misstep. That required planning, premeditation, taking effort to make. It leads a reasonable person to believe, that liberal hollywood and democratic elite thinking really left reasonable and decent realm, and became a tortured, distorted, and indecent. Maybe it is just a glimpse into the indecent world of the elites where pedophilia and human sacrifice is a norm?

Macron Meets Putin in Rundown Versailles

May 29, Cebu City, Philippines

On May 29, 2017, newly minted boy president of France Macron have came down the stairs all the way to greet the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Having been like Justin from Canada a drama student, he pulled some of the best drama tricks to “dominate” the handshake: kept the elbow bent to appear more in charge, then during handshake he grabbed Putins elbow with his left hand, Putin reciprocated with his left and handshake was over.

Regardless of antics, the Versailles definitely have seen its better days. In need of restoration, French should at least have contracted steam powerwash company to clean up the black stains on the walls that served the background. Instead of “splendour”, Versailles shows its age and looks more like a former centre of power. This underlined by the exhibition dedicated to 1717 visit of Paris by Peter the Great.

I am looking forward seeing the press conference after the talks. Hopefully it will give some hints on the results of talks.

Russia Making Comeback Into Commercial Aviation

May 28, Cebu, Philippines.

On May 28, 20017 MC-21-300 made its first flight. Designed and manufactured in Russia, consisting 95% of Russian parts, this is a big mile stone in Russian aviation. The jet plane, powered by Pratt&Witney engines, Russian made PD-14 turbines planned to be certified along with the plane in 2018, has modern avionics, fully composite wing. It will, most likely push out, Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 out of Russian market Full video