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SEO Philippines is getting more and more popular, not just for individual freelancers working for global clients, but also for local small businesses.

Davao SEO Experts: Bringing Search Engine Optimization
Strategy To Your Digital Marketing Plan

Aside from being the capital of Davao Province, it is also the oldest city in the state ripe with diversity. A thriving metropolis, Davao has a varied amount of cultures residing within its borders. The city is loaded with businesses of every type, small, medium, and large.

Local SEO is a huge benefit to your business, especially if you are located in Davao. There is a large amount of competition among businesses, and if you have weak SEO and even weaker content for your business, the future of your brand, products, and services could be at risk financially.

In the Davao area, statistics suggest that over 95% of internet users perform searches in the local Davao area. Also, an astonishing number of mobile phone users, 81% actually, search for products and services in the Davao area.

We have professional SEO experts that will ensure that many of those local searches will end up on your website and learning about your business which can bring you an increase in sales, growth, and of course, revenue.

An essential factor to remember is that if you are a business owner in Davao, you must be ready to reign over your area, pushing the competition aside in order to watch your business grow.

Do Local Searches Really Help Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Keywords here are prominence and trust. Google only sends users to prominent and trustworthy websites. If your website isn’t trustworthy, its rankings will not be on the higher end of Google search engines.

SEO results rely on three main things that you should have for your website and business.

Citations – when your business is mentioned anywhere on the internet, that is a citation in this sense. These citations will have your company name, telephone number, and address included in them. Directories such as Google+, Manta, and YellowPages are where local citations can often be found. They can also be found in local Davao newspapers online, blogs, event listings, and much more.

Reviews – customer reviews are essential to your business. Even those reviews that are not so great can be beneficial to your business and customer base. Another thing that Google does, is count the number of reviews your business has as well as the quality of those reviews on sites such as Yelp, MerchantCircle, CitySearch, and many more. They do this so that they can determine what your local search ranking should be.

Links – well-placed links from reputable local websites, such as the Davao Chamber of Commerce or another local group such as BNI, are vital to helping your business rank higher in search engines. You sure won’t find many fake links placed on such important websites, so users know the links are higher-quality and authentic.

All three of these key factors help your website and business to become more prominent, meaning it is more likely that Google and other search engines will lead customers to your business website by allowing it to have higher rankings than others.

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Getting Found in Davao with The Help of the Best SEO and Web Design Company Davao

This is where local searches play the biggest part in getting your business found on search engines. A local search usually provides you with the closest business you are looking for to your location, by finding your location.

An aspect of Google that not many people know about is their top three ‘packs’, as they are called. How it works is when you search for something locally, the top three results listed beneath the map that comes up are called the local pack, the map pack, and the 3-pack. Essentially, it’s a trifecta of great possibilities for your business. This factor can give your business much-needed traffic and awareness of its existence which results in higher traffic and more sales.

The traffic you receive from local searches is highly substantial for your business, products, or services. Statistics show that over 80% of local search customers will either call, visit your shop, or make an offline purchase of your products.

Additionally, according to the website Search Engine Watch, over 60% of local searches will end with a purchase. This is especially true for users that find your business on their cellphone searches.

Basically, what this comes down to is simple. You hire the best SEO company, they help you rank higher in search engine results, and soon your business is seen on that map that pops up during your local search, Score! And then, you find that you are ranking higher than your competitors, all thanks to the local Davao searches internet users engage in.

Our Philosophy That Makes Us
A Premier Digital Marketing Philippines:

If you follow the adage “seeing is believing”, Tempeop is here for you. Contact us today!
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Straight From The Source
95% of digital agencies today outsource the tasks. They either hire a white label service or hire SEO Specialists from third-world country and pay them little.
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Experts with Experience
Our team is spearheaded with an SEO Expert who has been in this industry and been ranking websites for 10+ years.
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Ethical Methods
We don’t just SEO your site we literally help you market your site more effectively using many different white hat optimisation tactics.
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Weekly & Monthly Report
We provide complete transparency through active communication with our clients so they know what to expect and when to expect it.
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Results Oriented
We are completely focused on results; not just carrying out a menu of tasks. It takes integrity and commitment day in and day out to produce SEO results.
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Turn Visitors into Customers
It is just not enough for an SEO company to drive loads of traffic to your site. ROI is what really counts and we can provide that with conversion strategies that work.

The Number One Mistake that Small Business Owners Make

local-mapYou may make a few mistakes when being a business owner, but none of them are bigger than this one. Many small business owners will invest a large amount of money on trying to advertise their brands over outdated methods. Everyone is connected in the internet now and are using their smartphones in just about everything. If you’re not taking advantage of this untapped method, you’re missing out a lot of potential.

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Getting Found Beyond The City: Why SEO Davao Matters in National & International Campaigns

If you don’t already know what SEO means, it’s short for Search Engine Optimization. By providing strong content and keywords for your Davao business, SEO will bring more traffic to your site and more customers to your business.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing want a website that is built for people, not just for higher rankings. By doing this, we give you the results you are hoping for with our local SEO strategies.

Truth: Three main search engines, local and nationwide are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Traffic from these search engines is targeted. This means the search engines direct consumers performing local searches to websites and businesses that offer what the customer is looking for or hoping to gain knowledge of. And it’s not only for those who are searching locally, but even internationally.

The formula could not be any easier…

The more search engine traffic leads to your business receiving more customers, and both of these will lead to more revenue and sales for your business.

It’s as simple as that!

For these and other reasons, SEO is vital to your local Davao business. Weak SEO will not lead anyone to your business, and if you can’t be seen by traffic, then your competitors will reap the benefits you should have instead. Your digital marketing strategy will not succeed without the proper SEO leading consumers to your business. If you invest in it, your rate of return will increase exponentially.

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