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Letter to editor in response to Opinion by Aurel Braun: The reality behind Putin’s fire and fury


Letter to editor in response to Opinion by Aurel Braun:
The reality behind Putin’s fire and fury

Aurel Braun is an expert on “communist Soviet Russia”. I Googled Prof
Braun and found rather low mark given to the professor on Rate my
Professors. One Remark: “Prof. Braun spends quite a bit of time re-hashing
the same lecture material.” Written 12 years ago, this remark precisely
illustrates this Opinion piece.

Professor Braun does not tell us anything that we don’t know. In fact,
Professor regurgitates the same old argument that US military budget is
10 times of that of Russia. While conveniently omitting facts that US
spends only 8% of the military budget on deploying new military gear.
Compare this to Russia where this item is at 60%. Never mind that Russian
cost per military equipment unit is 2.5 times lower than US. Top it with
the fact that European weapons manufacturing have been deliberately
destroyed by US MIC. Interesting, I happen to write an article on this
topic on my blog.  Analysis Of US Military Budget vs Russian

For a person who considers Aurel Braun an expert on Russia, there is a
glaring omission in this opinion: this speech happened exactly 17 days
before elections. This speech is Putin’s “report” to people of Russian
Federation on what he has done in his 17 years in charge. This is also
signal to Russian elites, that huge economics changes will happen. 6 years
ago he has tasked Russian bureaucrats and oligarchs to do the work for
improving economy and lives of people in Russia. They have done less than
a quarter of that. Like Putin’s Munich conference speech in 2007, that
foreshadowed very obvious transformation of Russian Army we witness now,
this speech here is foreshadowing economic changes.

Professor Braun writes: “His grand spectacles and international posturing
cannot forever compensate for grave domestic shortcomings and the failure
of Russia to truly join the modern world.” Professor was not listening to
Putin to understand, professor was listening to Putin in order to write
this opinion piece. Putin openly told Western elites: we did everything
you told us to do in order to be considered by you to be equal. But no one
is listening. So, the jig is up. Russia is choosing different path, this
election is a referendum on new economic path for Russia. The specifics
probably already developed in secret. The current Russian elites who made
deals with the West, will be replaced.

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