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Order To Shoot Terrorists Issued By The Mayor Of Iligan City


June 1,2017 Cebu, Philippines

Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines. The Mayor of Iligan City, Mayor Celso Regencia, have issued order authorising the city citizens, who legally possess firearms, to shoot terrorists trespassing their property. Iligan, being the closest city to Marawi, have housed most of Marawi refugees escaping violence perpetrated by ISIS affiliated group.

In Shoot Terrorist, Defend yourselves order, Mayor Celso Regencia said: “I am issuing this order to residents of Iligan who legally possessed weapons, but please do not commit abuses such as bringing your weapons outside your homes.You can only use it once your life is in danger and the terrorists will enter your homes.”  Reminder Earlier last week, the president of Philippines Duterte have installed Marshal Law on whole Island of Mindanao.


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