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The Best Bolt on Kits for Improved Fuel Efficiency and Performance


The after market industry for automotive components is enjoying a boom cycle with many new bolt-on components available to the do it yourself automotive person.

Many of these Bolt-on kits are ideal if your goal is to improve performance and others are excellent at increasing your fuel economy and mileage. Finding the right one for your vehicle is much less complicated today than it was twenty years ago because back and then you only had sales persons word to go on plus personal experience to add to that knowledge.

Now you can read reviews of a specific component on almost any model or make vehicle and you can hear how all others feel about the performance of the same item you are interested in buying. Plus with the Internet you can research every possible option and any combination for your particular vehicle with real life test results that show what you may expect in terms of improvements to performance and mileage.

Next there are options for you to consider since we now have far more resources for price shopping these various components. Reputable dealers will offer money back guarantees so that you will be satisfied with your purchase telling others about the company and perhaps coming back for more items later, to me it is just good business to do it this way.

air-intake-for-mileageDeciding how advanced you want your enhancements to be can still be a complicated decision since there are really quite a few options to begin with. You may want to start out simple and inexpensive and only upgrade the air intake components which can bring significant improvements to mileage and performance for a lot less money than some of the more advanced upgrades.

Depending on your budget and skill level the next place to start tuning your ride might be in the exhaust system as this is a major source of potential power especially if you have already improved the air intake system. Basically these two upgrades work in unison to improve the engines ability to breathe, and when it can breathe easier then it can be run more efficiently plus it can make a lot more power.

These performance items can be purchased in stages where you improve the vehicle up by one level of performance per set of add on items. The performance and fuel economy can be changed by installing what is called a “Stage One” computer chip, and then each stage that you add will increase power and or fuel economy. Stage two and three are typical add-on kits for improved performance and the second and third builds off the first and second such that having a stage one kit is good, and stage two is better, and stage three is best.

Performance companies are popping up all over the Internet but we have had a great resource nearby for many years called Turbolts, and they can help you with all of the upgrades that I am talking about here.

One of the more exciting new products is an electric supercharger kit that adds about 5 psi boost to the air intake of your car, which effectively builds an amazing amount of horsepower that was previously untapped. This kit works best with other modifications such as an improved exhaust system plus a chip for adjusting the shift points in your transmission.

improve-gas-milageAnother thing that I find awesome about these newer performance upgrades is that they are extremely simple to install and work with since the instructions are very clear and the connections are usually plug and play. Don’t forget to hang on to your old equipment in case you decide to sell the car and want to put it back to stock. If not then you may be able to recoup some of your costs by selling the stock parts that you removed, bear this in mind so you do not ruin anything taking it off the car.

One area of performance improvement that manufacturers are tinkering with are all of the overhead components that every car engine must have such as the water pump, cooling fan, alternator, steering pump, and more. According to “Aftermarket news”, one such improvement has been in place for a few years now and the company is Delco Remy, a major supplier of electrical generation devices in the automotive industry. They have created a more efficient version of the standard alternator which improves battery charging time while using less power to do the work. When manufacturers get on this particular bandwagon we will all benefit.

Finally some of the best upgrades I have worked with are based on a performance chip used for adjusting the engine controls to squeeze out maximum fuel economy in one mode, and boosted engine output in another. No matter how radical or mild you want your upgrade kit to be there is surely something for almost everyone now. And if you can not find one, I am certain that the experts can cross reference one for you since most cars from a specific manufacturer are using similar engines and transmissions to cut manufacturing costs.

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